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Student Kit : Whistle and Pepper Spray

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Do you want to get the most effective yet economical safety devices in a single pack? Then Mark’s Student Everyday Combo is made just for you.

Sounds like a deal?

It is a combo pack that packs our popular products inside one Kit, making it our best everyday combo so far.

Mark’s Safety Kit saves You as well as your Money, making it the ultimate deal for safety-conscious women just like you.


  1. Chilli Spray: The traditional Chilli spray can be used to tackle 5-6 attackers single-handedly by spraying it directly into the eyes of the attackers.
  2. Safety Whistle: A wearable manual Safety Whistle can produces a blaring 80 dB sound to attract attention of passers-by for help.

So girls, if you love combo offers, this one is for you. Get the goodness of the best-safety devices in one pack and make your days stress-free.