Spicy Combo of Pepper and Chilli Spray

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Best deals in life come in pairs!
Keeping the lethal combination of pepper spray and chilli spray handy in emergencies is almost like going to the battlefield with swords in both your hands!
Two of the most powerful safety sprays in one neat package.


1. Assault
2. Night Out
3. Solo Travelling
4. Driving Alone
5. Alone at Home
6. Jungle Safari
7. Dog Attack
8. Carrying Cash


    Pocket Size: Bottle has 3.5-inches height and 1-inch width 
    No of Shots: 40 shots of half of the second
    Bottle Weight:80 grams
    High Emission Rate: Jet Spray range of between 8 -10 feet
    Content: 60 ml
    Shelf Life: 2 Years


    When sprayed liberally and directly on the face, the chemical, Oleoresin Capsicum (O.C.), causes an intense burning sensation in not only the eyes but also in the nasal passage and the facial/bodily skin of the aggressor. This cause attacker's eyes to burn, forcing them to shut them tightly and keep them rubbing for relief; making you practically invisible to them. This effect lasts for approximately 30 minutes – long enough to allow you to take some further safety measures such as running away or calling someone for help.


    ‘Any Pepper Spray is an Arm under the ARMS act, however, license is required only for "Fire Arms" (containing gun powder & explosive ingredients)/ lethal weapons and therefore no license is required for keeping a Pepper Spray’ and its usage of the product for Self Defence is allowed under IPC Section 96, Section 97, Section 102, Section 105, and Section 106.  However, unwarranted use/misuse of this product is a crime.

    Read the User Manual here