Manual Whistle with 2 Exclusive Features for Women Safety

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Now, help is just a whistle away!

Make Mark’s safety whistle your best buddy to get help in those troubled moments. Carry it in your pocket or purse, attach it to your bracelet or simply hang it around your neck to quickly grab hold of it whenever you sniff danger.

Use its unique subconscious connection with the police whistle to your advantage and scare the daylights out of the aggressors.

What’s more, Mark’s safety whistle is a 3-in-1 safety tool that combines a whistle, a compass, and a temperature measurement device, making it a multipurpose tool that can come handy in rough times, in more than one ways.


  • The main part is, obviously, the neatly designed safety whistle which is made of light-weight and durable (material) for ease-of-use and convenience in carrying around while you are outdoors.
  • A long lanyard to hang the safety whistle around your neck.
  • You can even stick the whistle onto your bracelet for quick access in an emergency.
  • It has a tiny compass fitted on one side to help you with the directions.
  • It also has a temperature display panel to keep you updated about the temperature of the surroundings.


  1. Whenever you sense real trouble, blow the whistle as loudly as you can to attract the attention of the passers-by and get help.
  2. Even kids can use it to get help in a dangerous situation or when being harassed by a bully.
  3. Along with the whistle, other features like the compass and the temperature measuring device can come in handy for trekkers, hikers, bikers, mountaineers, and other adventure enthusiasts.

Do not forget that an audible alarm whistle should not be expected to provide a complete safeguard against assault and users should always take suitable precautions to reduce the risk of attack. Your priority is to get away from the threat once the whistle has been sounded.