Safety Combo : Premium Kit

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For those, who are looking for an economical price for a premium product!
The best of the Non-Lethal Self Defense devices are now the part of our premium safety combo.
Sounds like a deal?


    1. Chilli or Pepper Spray with Leather Cover
      The traditional safety spray is powerful enough to astound and take down 5-6 attackers by spraying it straight onto their face and eyes. It comes with an easy to carry leather cover to protect the bottle from external damages.
      You can effortlessly fasten the keyring of the cover to your car keys.

    2. Safety Alarm with Key chain and LED
      A high-quality automated personal safety alarm made in the United Kingdom. The alarm produces a deafening sound of 130 dB to draw the attention of passers-by for assistance an emergency. You can fasten the key chain of the alarm with your home keys, car keys, or attach it to your purse, briefcase, and backpack.

    3. Rechargeable Mini LED Torch with USB Port 
      This modern utility tool is a mini spotlight LED torch with a powerful beam that reaches up to 40 meters. It is a USB based rechargeable torch with the keyring attached, so it can be hanged to backpack or handbag for accessibility.