Best Selling Kit: Premium Safety Combo

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Do you want to get the benefits of Mark’s best safety devices in a single pack? Then Mark’s Premium Safety Combo is made just for you.

Sounds like a deal?

It is a combo pack that packs three of our popular products inside one Kit, making it our best-seller safety product so far.

Mark’s Safety Kit saves You as well as your Money, making it the ultimate deal for safety-conscious women just like you.


  1. Chilli Spray with Leather Cover: The traditional Chilli spray can be used to tackle 5-6 attackers single-handedly by spraying it directly into the eyes of the attackers.
  2. Alarm key chain: A key-chain with an alarm that produces a blaring 120 dB sound to attract attention of passers-by for help.
  3. Mini LED torch with USB: A bright LED torch that can produce beam that reaches up to 40 meters.

So, ladies if you love combo offers, this one is for you. Get the goodness of 3 best-seller safety devices in one pack and make your days and nights stress-free.