Personal Alarm with Key ring and LED Light Made in UK

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Let us test the Alarm Sound!

Hate the sound of an Alarm? Not this one for sure!

Mark’s alarm key chain is a petite acoustic safety device designed for those ‘on the edge' moments when you are too paralyzed with fear to react strongly. Just pull the alarm chain slightly to generate an ear-splitting sound, loud enough to attract the attention of the passers-by to get help. 

Mark has tied up with Salon Security, UK to import this high-quality Personal Alarm which is NRS Police Approved

Mark’s alarm key chain is designed for those tricky times and has proven beneficial for Children, Women, Hikers, and Elderly to attract attention in the situation of distress or emergency.


  • Designed after careful research of the existing models in the market and feedback from end-users to combine efficiency with ease-of-operation.
  • Produces a blasting sound of 130 dB, loud enough to throw the assaulter into a panic and send even distant passers-by.
  • Easy to operate LED button for flashlight.  
  • Capable of producing the blaring alarm sound continuously for 15 minutes.
  • The attached key chain makes it easy to attach with your home or car keys or can easily attach to your purse.


Weight: 75 grams
Dimensions:  Height -6.5 cms
Black & Grey LED Button
Alarm : 130 Decibel
Battery: The unit operate on LR44 with battery life of 12 months
 One (1) year against any manufacturing defect from the date of purchase.
Note: Battery contained in equipment but not active until the transparent strap is pulled.

Carefully designed to meet the exact needs, this emergency alarm packs the best features to make it super user-friendly and accessible in emergencies.

Read Product Manual to know the technical details of the Personal Alarm.