Paracord Bracelet with 5 Survival Tools

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Brace yourself for Mark’s Most Innovative Survival and Safety Gear!

Mark’s Bracelet packs 5 essential emergency devices in one bracelet, which can easily fit on your wrist.


One simple bracelet does it all for you. You don't need to keep separate devices like a compass, knife, fire-starter, and whistle in your purse. Needless to say, you save a lot of space and hassle.


  • It has a 3-meter long waterproof band made of sturdy Military Grade  Paracord material that can hold 500 lbs. of weight.
  • It also has a WP Magnesium knife which is strong enough to cut cotton or nylon ropes.
  • It has a fire-starter, to create fire with grass, paper, or any other inflammable material in emergency conditions.
  • Next, it contains a tiny compass, to show you the right directions if you are lost in a remote or isolated place.
  • And last but not the least; it has a safety whistle to alert nearby people during an emergency.

Put Mark’s survival bracelet around your wrist and move a step closer to your personal safety and freedom.

Please select the size and colour of the bracelet to customize yours!

P.S.: For a Female, 7 inch bracelet would be a perfect fit.