Folding Knife from Rite Edge, USA

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A knife is an inevitable part of a safety and survival kit.

When caught up in a dangerous situation or at the edge of survival or need a potent weapon of self-protection, a knife can be one of the most pertinent tool you can think of.
Mark’s Folding Knife demands little space for its storage, the ease of handling and operating and the serious consequences of its use make it a highly effective self-protection device.


  • The knife has a very compact design and it can conveniently fit into your pocket, purse or handbag.
  • It is made of strong and long-lasting material and is ideally suited for tough jobs and challenging situations.
  • It is painstakingly crafted keeping its portability and ease-of-use to the user in mind.
  • The design is elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

This powerful and beautifully crafted knife is a product of the partnership between Mark safety products and the Rite Edge Knife company, one of the finest knife brands in the US.

Declaration: It is completely legal to carry and keep this knife (A bladed weapon) as it fulfills all the criteria of the Indian Arms Act, 1959.