Expandable Baton for Self Defence

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When it is about self defense, there should be no tolerance for second best. 

 For the times when self defence can save you life in emergency!


  • High Quality: Made from superior quality, durable solid metal
  • Length: Expand up to 26 inches by flicking vertically downward
  • Handy: Occupies a small space of 8 Inches after folding
  • Easy to Carry: Extremely convenient to store it in a hand bag, shoulder bag, laptop bag, or office briefcase
  • Look: Chrome color gives luster finish for increased visibility under low light conditions.

It is a powerful self-defense tool for the independent modern woman who is bold enough to take her security in her own hands.
So don’t just let them get away with their mischief. Give them a stick!


Baton Finish: Chrome
Baton Handle: Foam Grip
Weight: 475 grams
Expanded Length : 26 inches
Retracted Length :  8 Inches
Warranty : One (1) year, from the date of purchase, against any manufacturing defect(s).


‘Any Security Stick is an Arm under the ARMS act, however, license is required only for "Fire Arms" (containing gun powder & explosive ingredients)/ lethal weapons and therefore no license is required for keeping a Security Stick. Its usage for Self Defence is allowed under IPC Section 96, Section 97, Section 102, Section 105, and Section 106.
However, unwarranted use/misuse of this product is a crime.

Read the Product Manual here to know more technical details of Mark Security Stick.