Mini and Powerful Spot LED Torch with USB Charging Facility with 40 feet Beam Reach

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Assaulter never attack the victims with a warning! Neither do they generally pounce on women in broad daylight.

Being well-prepared for such unwanted events is your best bet to keep safe. Keeping a portable torch handy in your purse is always a great idea whenever you go out after dusk. 

Mark’s mini torch with USB charger is ideal for such situations. It is a compact and powerful portable torch that can also be used as a keychain. So you can hook your car-keys to it and also use it to light-up your path while walking on a lonely street after dark.

Let us See How It Works?


  • This mini torch gives out a powerful Beam that reaches up to 40 meters.
  • It has ABC body made of water-resistant material that makes it safe during rains and is ideal for after-dark diving. 
  • The attached key chain makes it easy to attach with your home or car keys or can easily attach to your purse.
  • It comes with a USB charging facility that is compatible with all standard USB ports like laptops and portable chargers.
  • It is waterproof as per IPX-3 standard. 
  • It runs on an environment-friendly lithium battery.


Switch on the flashlight and put the light beam directly into attacker's eyes. The powerful beam will blind the attacker for a few seconds and forces him to slam shut instantly. This will give you time to run away or call police (Dial:100). It is advised to not try to overpower the attacker if you are alone.

No permanent damage will happen to attacker’s eyes in doing so.

The Mark’s Mini LED torch with USB charger gives out a bright beam of light and can be a great companion not only to safety-conscious women but also to adventure enthusiasts like trekkers, hikers, bikers, mountaineers, campers, etc. - not to mention general public for day-do-day use at home, office or outdoors.