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Deadliest Kit: Bold and Lethal Combo

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Are you the one who can take the attacker boldly?
Then Mark’s Bold and Lethal Combo is made just for you.

It is a combo pack that packs three of the most Lethal products inside one Kit, making it the most dangerous yet best safety kit ever.

Mark’s Combo saves You and Your Money, making it the ultimate deal for safety-conscious women just like you.


  1. Chilli Spray with Leather Cover: The traditional Chilli spray can be used to tackle 5-6 attackers single-handedly by spraying it directly into the eyes of the attackers.
  2. Expandable Security Stick with Cover: It’s tough. It’s handy. And it can beat the crap out of your assaulter. That’s why this nifty little ‘battle stick’ has found its rightful place in Mark’s safety products collection
  3. Mark’s Foldable Knife: This self-defence knife can be a potent weapon of self-protection and survival - whether you use it just to threaten and keep the attackers at a safe distance or are forced to actually use it to protect yourself.

So, ladies if you are the bold  one, this offer is for you. Get the goodness of 3 best-seller safety devices in one pack and make your days and nights stress-free.