User Manual: Safety Alarms

Personal defence comes in many different forms, and sometimes we need to rely on the help of others. The Mark Alarm is a deterrent and designed to increase your personal safety by being convenient and accessible whenever you require. The alarm is intended to shock the attacker giving the victim an opportunity to escape from the scene. The loud sound of 130 dB of Personal Alarm will make the attacker uncomfortable and he might take off as he does not want audience. Mark has tied up with Salon Security, UK to create this high-quality Personal Alarm to use in emergency.


  • To activate the alarm, simply pull the key ring attachment out of the alarm.
  • To deactivate the alarm, replace the pin in to the alarm
  • To light up the LED, simply press the grey button at front of the alarm.


  • Always wear alarm on your hand so it will be swiftly used.
  • Activate the alarm by pressing the small button on the front at the top right.
  • Deactivate the alarm by pressing the small button on the back side of the alarm.


  1. Female to shock and disorient an attacker by its sudden usage which provide distraction so the user can make an escape.
  2. Children can use alarm to attract nearby parents’ attention.
  3. Elderly can attract neighbours’ attention in distressed.
  4. People on Trekking can use it effectively to connect with people farther away.


It is recommended that the alarm is tested regularly. If the alarm sounds weak, the batteries should be replaced. Remove the screw from the back cover and replace the battery noticing the correct polarity. The Unit operates on 3x LR44(or equivalent) button batteries.


  • When testing the alarm, make sure it is away from you ears.
  • Do not modify the alarm.
  • The wrist alarm sound can cause ear damage so to be kept out of reach of children and pets’ ears.
  • The performance may adversely affect if exposed to extreme temperatures.


Do not forget that an audible personal alarm should not be expected to provide a complete safeguard against assault and users should always take suitable precautions to reduce the risk of attack.