General and Product FAQs

Query: What is Personal Safety?

Answer: Personal safety refers to physical safety where a woman should be free from any abuse, assault, aggression, and harassment. Personal Safety also includes psychological safety where one can be free from apprehensions about being harmed or victimized. Valuing your physical safety not only brings psychological safety brings peace of mind.

Query: What are Self Defence Products? 

Answer: Self-defence is a countermeasure that involves defending yourself physically from any harm or malicious action. Self-measures are to be taken to round up the security for women in general by teaching one-self to fight back since none of the crimes against women is their fault. however, techniques include karate or judo can be useful but only in the case of up and close encounter and need a lot of expertise. With Mark Self Defence products, our safety is in our own hands, quite literally, since the products are user-friendly and do not require much expertise.

You can keep and use these products when you are on a Night Out, Driving Alone, Alone at Home, Jogging Alone or for people who carry Cash.

Query: Why do I need the Safety Products by Mark?

Answer: You may think that you can never become part of the Crime Statistics cause you are always careful and have already imagined and processed actions on your mind about what to do in a dangerous situation. However, life is unpredictable.
REMEMBER: You are not ready unless you are prepared! And you cannot be prepared enough without the right measures. Also, techniques include karate or judo can be useful but only in the case of up and close encounter and not meant to take preventive measures or for long-distance usage.

Query: What is the right Personal Safety product for me?

Answer: Based on your everyday schedule, you can take one or more products as per your preference. All Mark’s Safety Products are easy to use and easy to carry, with each product has a unique feature. For example, if you are a homemaker, a Personal Alarm and an Expandable Baton would be ideal to alert neighbors and fight back with the intruder. If you are drive often then a baton and a pepper spray would be an ideal combination for you to manage an attacker.

Query: Who can use Mark’s Safety Products?

Answer: All our products are meant to be used by anyone irrespective of gender (18+). Some of our products have proved to be effective in the safety of Children and the Elderly. 

People in certain professionals like Businessmen, Bank Cashiers, Watch Teams, Security Guards, Jewellery Shopkeepers, and others, who work at soft target workplaces, can protect themselves with our products.

Query: Should I feel worry-free after keeping the products?

Answer: Of course! these products are meant for your physical safety and psychological peace. You are supposed to stay worry-free. 

However, we strongly recommend that you need to learn the usage and use case of each product. We request you to read the product label and Instruction manual carefully when you purchase the product. Please refer to the video that demonstrates the right use of the products shared on our Facebook and other Social Platforms.

Also, kindly go through the safety tips link on our website and try to apply those. Do not rely on any product for your overall safety and well-being.

Query: What are the legal implications of using Mark’s products?

Answer: Mark Safety Products are meant exclusively for personal safety. The products are procured from authentic sources. Products like Pepper Spray, Baton and Knife are defined as arms; under the 'ARMS' act, anything made or designed for the specific purpose of Defence or Offence falls under the category of 'ARMS'. However, under the 'ARMS' act, a license is required only for "Fire Arms" (containing gun powder & explosive ingredients)/ lethal weapons, hence no license is required our products. Self Defence is allowed under IPC Section 96, Section 97, Section 102, Section 105, and Section 106 subject to case-specific legal considerations. However, the use of any of Mark's product besides self-defense or unwarranted use of these products is a crime.

We strongly suggest you inform the nearest police station about any incident of assault, harassment, and violence and subsequent use of our product(s).

Question: What are the shipping charges?

Answer: We deliver all our product free of cost to our valuable customers.

Query: What about the return of the product?

Answer: If you are not satisfied with our product, you can request for the refund. However, we refund you the amount only if the product reaches back to us in original condition. 

Further, the product can be returned/replaced or 100% value refund, if it reaches you in broken condition.

Query: What is the delivery time of your product?

Answer: Mark Safety Products has partnered with 'The Professional Courier' company to deliver all our products to our esteem customers. We ship all our products by our esteemed channel partner 'Delhivery', so it can reach you with in3-5 days from the date of order. 

Query: What makes Pepper Spray or Chilli Spray the best self-defense weapon?

Answer: Safety sprays are the non-lethal weapons of safety and cause no permanent physical damage to the assaulter. They are easy to carry and easy to use devices.

The active ingredient in pepper spray is Oleoresin Capsaicin, which is a chemical derived from the fruit of plants in the Capsicum genus, including chili. When sprayed on an attacker with a pepper spray, the immediate effect is of severe burning sensation in the eyes (thus shutting them), MUCUS membrane inside the nasal cavity, and the (Facial) skin. Overall, it incapacitates the person(s) for a period of up to 30-45 minutes. All effects of the spray are temporary, and the complete effect wears off after 2 – 3 hours with no known side effects or any permanent injury, scars.

Query: Do I have to be careful while handling Pepper Spray?

Answer: Yes, one should be cautious in handling the pepper spray. Pepper spray has a strong irritant so try to spray it by maintaining at least one hand distance and try to keep your mouth and nose closed with one hand while spraying it from the other. Do not spray it against the wind. Please read the product label carefully for direction to use and caution list before you even use it for a test spray.


Query: Can a man use Pepper Spray?

Answer: Pepper Spray is a user-based product and not gender-based.

Query: How to test a Pepper Spray?

Answer: To test a pepper spray, select a solitary place, preferably, the roof. Get a piece of cloth, soap and cold water with you. Put your one hand in front of the actuator pipe and set the other hand on the actuator. Press the actuator and wait for 2 seconds before you remove your other hand from the front of the actuator pipe.

Once you remove your hand from the pipe, try to take a quick and short breath from that hand. If it smells strong, it still has good potential. 

Warning: Immediately, clean hands with the cloth and wash with soap and cold water and do not touch yourself or anyone else with the hand before you wash it. Stay Careful while performing this act.

Query: Is it legal in India to carry a knife in a public place?

Answer: Although in India, the notification under section 4 of arms act 1959 is issued by every state separately. The common restrictions on the bladed weapons in your state would be:

  1. The length and width of the bladed weapon should not be more than 9 inches and 3 inches respectively. 
  2. The bladed weapon cannot automatic or button operated.
  3. The bladed weapon cannot be spring operated.

Whatever bladed weapon must carry, it must follow the defined law(s) (although, no one checks your purse but be sure to follow the rules).

Query: How useful are Mark’s Safety Alarms?

Answer: Personal defense comes in many different forms, and sometimes we need to rely on the help of others. The Mark Alarm is a deterrent and designed to increase your safety by being convenient and accessible whenever you require. The alarm is intended to shock the attacker allowing the victim to escape from the scene. The loud sound of 130 dB of Personal Alarm will make the attacker uncomfortable and he might take off as he does not want the audience. Mark Safety Products has tied up with Salon Security, the UK to create this high-quality keyring alarm and wrist alarm to use in an emergency.

Query: Is the usage of Expandable and Collapsible Baton Legal?

Answer: The baton is one of the most effective tools of self-defense in case of a close and uncomfortable encounter. Practical use should be consistent with the law and operating manual. The baton should not be used by someone, who did not properly familiarize oneself with the use of this baton. The baton is intended for self-defense use only. The use of a baton on any person besides self-defense purpose is a crime.

Query: How can a simple torch be used for personal safety?

Answer: Switch on the flashlight and put the light beam directly into the attacker's eyes. The powerful beam will blind the attacker for a few seconds and forces him to slam shut instantly. This will give you time to run away or call the police (Dial:100). It is advised to not try to overpower the attacker if you are alone. No permanent damage will happen to the attacker’s eyes in doing so. Also, you can use the ‘Flash Button’ to switch on the red signal beam and try to attract people in a distressed situation.

Query: Can I carry your products on a flight?

Answer: Please note the list of restricted items on-board:

1. Mark Pepper Spray
2. Mark Chilli Spray
3. Mark Security Stick/Baton
4. Mark Knife

You can carry the rest of Mark's products on-Board with you.