Mark Safety Products is the brainchild of a female who has always been disturbed about the state of women safety in India and has a sincere urge to help women in distress situation.

A strong willingness to delve deeper into the numerous factors behind this immensely agonizing dilemma, that women in our country are bound to go through day-in-day-out. The research led us to the deeper causes behind this apparent vulnerability. We discovered that one of the most significant factors contributing to the vulnerable condition is the ignorance and the lack of awareness about Personal Safety or Self-Protection.

We instantly realized that unless women are equipped with self-defense devices that encourage them to tackle the offenders in an emergency, they won’t be able to feel truly confident and secure. Inspired by this concept, Mark Safety Products came up with a variety of personal safety products, primarily to use in a safety related emergency.


To render assistance concerning women rights and law, personal safety, assault, and women empowerment. We aspire to empower women of all ages and from all walks of life, to lead a safer, confident and peaceful life.


Still, in its infancy, Mark Safety Products has a long way to go. We strive to become the most trusted platform for women to buy safety products. We target to grow our product range and get sophisticated and technologically advanced options for self-defense.