Mark Safety Products is the brainchild of a female who has always been concerned about the safety of women in India and has a heartfelt desire to help women in distress situation.

A strong willingness to delve deeper into the various factors behind this immensely agonizing dilemma, that many women in our country are forced to go through day-in-day-out. The research led us to the deeper causes behind this apparent vulnerability that even the modern-day women at times experience in their lives. We found out that one of the most important factors contributing to women's vulnerable condition is the ignorance and the lack of awareness among women themselves about their personal safety.

We quickly realized that unless women are equipped with self-defence tools and devices that can help them tackle the offenders on their own; they won’t be able to feel truly confident and secure. Inspired by this noble thought, Mark Safety Products has come up with a range of personal safety products primarily for women and for other people in distress such as kids and elderly people.


During our research, we found that most women don’t even know that there are specific laws under IPC that our Indian constitution has created in order to safeguard their rights regarding personal security. Informing and educating them about these laws and their rights is one of the main motives behind our website.


Still, in its infancy, Mark Safety Products has a long way to go. We have big dreams for the future. One of the most important ones is to become a trusted platform for Indian women to find advice and support regarding safety and empowerment. We also have plans to expand our product range so that women have more sophisticated and technologically advanced choices for their self-defence.
Our broader vision is no less than becoming a leading personal safety and self-defence portal in India, empowering women of all ages and from all walks of life, to lead a safer, more confident and happier life.