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Safety Combo for Students

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Do you commute to college early in the morning or reach home late in the evening? Are you constantly anxious about the lane of your walk-through?

Well, we have a solution for you!
We bring you Mark's Everyday Safety Combo, safety products handpicked to fit the need and budget of each student around the corner. The products are handy, easy to carry and effortless to use even for a novice but an alert student.


  1. Pepper Spray
    The traditional safety spray is strong enough to shock and tackle 5-6 attackers  by spraying it directly into the face and eyes of the attackers.
  2. Safety Whistle with 3-in-1 Feature
    A wearable manual Safety Whistle can produces a blaring 80 dB sound to attract attention of passers-by for help. It also has a directional compass and a temperature indicator.
    It comes with a long Lanyard so one can hang around the neck for quick access to whistle.

    If you love remarkable offers, this one is for you. Get the best of the best safety devices and make your student life stress-free.


    Customer Reviews

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    Anu Natrajan
    I feel more comfortable and also attentive

    The whistle is attached to my ID card now and I always keep the pepper spray in the bag for safety.