Safety Combo for Trekkers

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Exploring is relatively safe for trekkers but at times, they may face some unpleasant situations which can be scary at occasions.

We don't want you to be scared at all! However, it's wise to be prepared.

Our Safety Combo is useful in every imaginable travel crisis for Solo Travelling, Trekking, Hiking, Biking and Camping.


  1. Paracord Bracelet with 5 Survival Tools
    A chic bracelet, made from the military-grade parachute cord and is equipped with five unique tools of survival: Fire-Starter, Safety Whistle, Directional Compass,  Small Knife, and 7-feet Para-Cord rope.
  2. Rechargeable Mini LED Torch with USB Port and keyring 
    This modern utility tool is a mini spotlight LED torch with a powerful beam that reaches up to 40 meters. It is a USB based rechargeable torch with the keyring attached, so it can be hanged to backpack or handbag for accessibility.
  3. Pepper Spray with Leather Cover
    The traditional safety spray is powerful enough to astound and take down 5-6 attackers by spraying it straight onto their face and eyes. It comes with an easy to carry leather cover to protect the bottle from external damages.
    You can effortlessly fasten the keyring of the cover to your backpack, belt loops, o 
  4. Expandable Security Stick with Leather Cover
    The stainless steel baton is tough, handy, and the most lethal weapon in our store to protect you from an assaulter. 
    This nifty rod can be used to beat an aggressor or to shatter the glass of your car in an emergency.
    We provide a leather cover to preserve the baton from dust, pollution, and scratches.

It carries three of our recommended travel products that protect you and save money, making it the ultimate deal for carefree explorers like you.


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