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How do you remain safe while driving your car? Use seat belts? Have Airbags in the car? Have Electronic Braking System?
But how about the unsocial elements on the road that concern your driving and security?

Mark Safety Products advise the best of the safety devices that one can store in the car to address whatever situation that threatens your safety. We never let you feel helpless, ever again.


  1. Pepper Spray with Leather Cover
    The traditional safety spray is powerful enough to astound and take down 5-6 attackers by spraying it straight onto their face and eyes. It comes with an easy to carry leather cover to protect the bottle from external damages.
    You can effortlessly fasten the key ring of the cover to your car keys.

  2. Personal Safety Alarm with key chain and LED
    A high-quality automated personal safety alarm made in the United Kingdom. The alarm produces a deafening sound of 130 dB to draw the attention of passers-by for assistance an emergency. You can fasten the key chain of the alarm with your home keys, car keys, or attach it to your purse, briefcase, and backpack.
    Press the Grey button at the bottom of the Alarm to light the LED in dark.

  3. Expandable Security Stick with Cover
    The stainless steel baton is tough, handy, and the most lethal weapon in our store to protect you from an assaulter. This nifty rod can be used to beat an aggressor or to shatter the glass of your car in an emergency.
    We provide a leather cover to preserve the baton from dust, pollution, and scratches.
Take the virtue of three of the best-sellers self-protection tools in one package and start driving worry-free.

    NOTE: Do not keep the spray inside the car, due to excessive temperature the content might leak. Please attach the spray cover with you car's key ring.

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    Mishti Das
    Value for Money Combo

    Value for Money Combo