Torch with LED, Flashlight and 12 Survival Tools

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How about a combination of a powerful LED torch with useful tools?

Mark’s LED Torch is multifunctional safety equipment that has an LED Torch, a red flashlight and 12 other useful tools.


  • BRIGHT LED: It has strong light of 5 Watts that identifies the correct colour of any object in dark.
  • DURABLE BUILD: Made of light-weight and durable Aluminium Alloy. It is anti-rust and shock-resistant.
  • DUAL MODE: Alternate mode of luminous LED light and Red Flashlight.
  • EMERGENCY SIGNAL: It produces blinking red signal light to attract attention during emergencies. 
  • LONG BEAM REACH: Distant reach let you see the people or roads in long distance.

It is Ideal For Camping, Hiking, Exploring, Outdoor And Also For Everyday Use.
It is also Ideal For Security Guard On Night Shift Or Patrol.


Switch on the flashlight and put the light beam directly into the attacker's eyes. The powerful beam will blind the attacker for a few seconds and forces him to slam shut instantly. This will give you time to run away or call the police (Dial:100). It is advised to not try to overpower the attacker if you are alone.


    1. Blade screwdriver
    2. 6mm & 7mm wrenches
    3. Small blade screwdriver
    4. Can & bottle opener
    5. Medium blade screwdriver
    6. File
    7. Knife
    8. Saw
    9. Small Philips screwdriver
    10. Scissors
    11. Fish hook remover
    12. Fish scalar


    Weight: 150 grams
    Length:  5.5 Inches
    Colour: Silver and Black
    Battery: The unit needs 3 nos. of AAA batteries to operate
     One (1) year from the date of purchase, against any manufacturing defect(s).
    Note: It comes with a detailed User and Technical Manual.

    So if space economy is one of your priorities then Mark’s LED Torch With Flashlight with 12 Multi-tools is a definite must-have in your safety arsenal.

    Read Product Manual Here.