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Safety Combo for Bold Defence

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Are you one of those brave women who are not frightened? Are you one of those fearless women who can take on the assaulter or intruder boldly? Then Mark’s Bold and Lethal Self Defense Combo is curated for you.

This combo contains a lethal and non-lethal safety device together. One is effortless to use and the other needs practice. However, both are regarded as the best defence against and any sexual assault or harassment.


  1. Pepper Spray with Leather Cover
    The traditional safety spray is powerful enough to astound and take down 5-6 attackers by spraying it straight onto their face and eyes. It comes with an easy to carry leather cover to protect the bottle from external damages.
    You can effortlessly fasten the keyring of the cover to your car keys.

  2. Expandable Security Stick with Leather Cover
    The stainless steel baton is tough, handy, and the most lethal weapon in our store to protect you from an assaulter. 
    This nifty rod can be used to beat an aggressor or to shatter the glass of your car in an emergency.
    We provide a leather cover to preserve the baton from dust, pollution, and scratches.

So if you are the courageous one; this offer is for you. Get the virtue of our best-seller assorted in one pack!

Customer Reviews

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Priyanka Mathur
It is my safety backup

Most of the time, I drive alone or with my son, and it feels unsafe. So to protect me & my son from any mishap, I bought Mark's Chilli Spray adn Baton Combo. I checked the spray & it's really effective. I believe that every woman should buy safety products and secure themselves and their loved ones.

Vaishali Mishra
My College Mate

I travel by train in Mumbai and I always carry the spray and stick in my college backpack. Although the Security Stick is good to use, but I need a lot of practice to use it properly.
Overall, I get a sense of safety by keeping these products in my bag.