User Manual: Safety Whistle

Personal defense comes in many different forms, and sometimes we need to rely on the help of others. But for someone to come to the rescue, they first need to know that you are in trouble. Using a superior quality Whistle, like ours can be your lifetime friend. The loud sound of this whistle will make the attacker uncomfortable and he might take off as he does not want an audience. Mark’s whistle is a 3 in 1 multifunctional whistle that can save you in an emergency.


  • To blow the whistle, hold it between your lips with the solid side in your mouth.
  • Place the tip of your tongue on the back of the whistle (slim side) and be careful to not obstruct the holes.
  • Now whistle as if you were naturally whistling with your tongue thus forcing the air you blow thru the top hole and out thru the open front of the whistle.
  • You will have the tip of your tongue touching the center of the slim back of the whistle.

Pitch changes can be accomplished by moving the tip of your tongue against the back of the whistle plus changing the curling of your tongue.


  1. It comes along with a long lanyard so it can be easily hung around the neck.
  2. It is a most concealed non-lethal weapon of self-defense.
  3. It has a compass that can navigate and provide orientation in case of direction lost.
  4. It has an added feature of the temperature display panel.


  1. Female to attract attention in trouble to attract the audience and scare the attacker away
  2. Children can whistle for help in case of emergency and attract parent’s attention.
  3. Elderly can attract neighbors’ attention in distressed.
  4. People on Trekking can use it effectively to connect with people farther away.

Do not forget that an audible personal alarm should not be expected to provide a complete safeguard against assault and users should always take suitable precautions to reduce the risk of attack. Your priority is to get away from the threat once the alarm has been sounded.

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