Ladies! Stop Fooling Yourself about Your Personal Safety

Do you know that one in three women worldwide has gone through some form of physical or sexual abuse at least once in their lifetime? That is huge! It is almost a third of the entire population of women worldwide. And obviously, this does not include the untold stories of millions who suffer in silence.

Physical or sexual assaults on women range from less severe forms such as eve-teasing, passing sexual comments, making indecent remarks, etc. to severe offenses like physical abuse, acid-attack, rape and murder. There is no discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, age, etc. when it comes to violence against women. It is enough to be a woman to be at the receiving end of physical or sexual exploitation by men.

Are we really living in a civilized society? Are we evolving into a more intelligent human race or are we regressing to those barbaric times when men didn’t even blink an eye before thrusting a spear into another man’s chest?

The appalling condition of women’s safety in India

India has already earned the tag of being the most dangerous country in the world for women. According to a 2018 study conducted by Thompson Reuters Foundation, we beat lesser developed countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, The Democratic Republic of the Congo and Pakistan by quite a margin when it comes to violence against women. 
And to those boasting about our great cultural heritage let me tell you that physical or sexual violence against women is not a new phenomenon in our country either. Women in our mythologies such as Sita in the Ramayana or Draupadi in the Mahabharata had to suffer abuse, insult and sexual harassment. And this was in spite of the fact that their spouses were some of the fiercest warriors or godly figures of those times.

But do you know what the biggest irony is? It is the sad fact that these ‘mighty’ husbands themselves were often responsible for these women’s exploitations by other men in some or the other way!

Times have changed and so has the context. Society has gone through major social, political and economic shifts. Women have gained more independence and power than before. They are working shoulder to shoulder with men in almost every imaginable human endeavor. But one thing has remained almost unchanged – it is the mindset of men (and even some women) towards women.
The shocking incidences like the Delhi gang-rape case of Nirbhaya, the Kathua rape case of an innocent 8-year-old girl Asif Bano, or the rape case of another 17-year-old girl in Unnao have shaken the very roots of our conscience as a nation in recent times. 

What is more disturbing is the fact that the rate of conviction of these sexual criminals is just 19%, as compared to the rate of conviction in other forms of crimes which is 47%.  Almost 80% of those
criminals are still wandering freely around the country, even after committing such heinous crimes. Perhaps hunting for their next unfortunate victim!

The root cause behind the problem of violence against women

As with most other problems in society, at the very core of the women’s safety issue is the prevalent mindset of men. From time immemorial, men have been believed to be the bread-earner and the protector in a family. The woman had a more domestic responsibility of birthing and raising children and looking after the household.

The male dominance was mainly characterized by the natural advantage of physical strength a man has over his female counterpart. Add to it the natural aggressive nature of a man, thanks to the male hormone called testosterone; you have a physically stronger and more aggressive fellow human to deal with. It is when this physical advantage is misused by some men to suppress, harass and take sexual advantage of a woman; it takes the form of a serious crime.
Most of our literature and movies fuel this out-dated idea of masculinity. The macho heroes in films help propagate the twisted perception that it is ‘manly’ to overpower a seemingly submissive and helpless female and save her from every possible danger around the corner.

Unless this mindset is changed and an atmosphere of equality and respect takes prevalence over these false ideas of masculinity, the problem of aggression against women is not going to get any better. 
It is equally important that women also become more aware of their own power – physical, mental and even legal. They should become more open and vocal about their harassment and take the right measures to safeguard their interests. 
It is not the responsibility of just the government or some social institutions that deal with these women-centric issues. Each and every individual girl and grown-up woman must go through a mindset shift as well. 

Ladies, it’s time to make your personal safety your priority

This is the very motto behind all our women’s safety products. We know that mindsets don’t change overnight. And when it comes to changing the perceptions of an entire society, it is bound to take time. It will be absolutely naïve of us to expect that all men will start behaving in a respectful manner to women in a matter of days. That is most unlikely to happen anytime soon. 
However, we as women can certainly be more proactive in dealing with this issue effectively. One of the biggest changes we need to bring is the way we think about it. We need to change our own victim mentality and take a bolder and more empowered stance against these assaulters. 

Most modern women, particularly those living in urban areas, are well-educated and independent. They are well-read and by and large quite socially active. All this brings a certain level of self-assuredness and
self-confidence in them. They are most likely to know how to deal with such men, where to draw the line and when to say no.
However, there still are many social pressures working behind the curtains that force many women take a safer route of staying silent about their abuse. This is particularly true in non-urban areas. 
This has to change. And the only way is to spread more awareness and empower women with knowledge, strategies and tools to deal effectively with such incidences and emergencies.

Let’s join hands to make our lives more secure

It’s high time that we stop fooling ourselves about our personal safety by thinking that the issue is unnecessarily hyped. Statistics are too glaring to turn a blind eye to. We have to become our own personal bodyguards and take full responsibility of our security. We need to take reasonable measures to deal with any such emergencies happening in our lives. 

At Mark Safety Products, we are dedicated to bringing more awareness about the serious issue of women’s safety all over India. We strongly believe that, whether you are a college-going teenage girl or an independent working woman, personal safety should be right at the top of your list of priorities. 
Once you make this vital mind shift, we have a range of handy personal safety products that can help you tackle and even fight-back anyone who threatens your safety in any way, shape or form. They will not only empower you with the means to get help quickly but will also make you feel more secure and confident wherever you are.

So ladies, let’s stop being bullied and threatened by those seriously twisted sociopaths anymore. Let’s join hands and pledge to take our own safety in our hands. Let’s build a better and more secure world for ourselves and for the generations to come. 

We promise to be with you every step of the way.

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