Paracord Bracelet with 5 Survival Tools

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Brace yourself for Mark’s Most Innovative Survival and Safety Gear!

Paracord Survival Bracelet packs 5 essential emergency tools in one device, which can easily fit on your wrist.


  1. PARACORD: This stylish bracelet is made from high tensile parachute cord. Every 1 inch of the knotted bracelet is made from 1 foot of cord. So if your wrist is 7 inches, it would use approx. 7 feet of cord. It is flexible, durable, lightweight, mildew resistant, and holds incredible breaking strength of 550 lbs. This rope meets the requirements of any situation that require high strength to make traps or to build tents or tie certain objects together etc. 
  2. FIRE STARTER+FLINT ROD: It can create fire with grass, paper, or any other inflammable material in emergency conditions. Please watch the video to know HOW!
  3. COMPASS: A high-quality liquid-filled compass will guide you accurately. It is water-resistant and works in both cold or warm temperature.
  4. KNIFE: The knife can be securely for immediate deployment in any situation that can cut cotton and nylon ropes. It is a small but effective tool for survival.
  5. WHISTLE: Built-in loud whistle that produces high decibel sound to summon help in emergency situations. It can also be used as a reflective distress signal.


Weight: 75 grams
Length:  2 inches Buckle + Bracelet length as ordered
Military Green and Black
Alarm: Manual
Battery: Not Required
 One (1) year against any manufacturing defect from the date of purchase.

Put Mark’s Survival Bracelet around your wrist and move a step closer to your personal safety and freedom.

Please select the size and colour of the bracelet to customize yours!
P.S.: For a Female, the 7-inch bracelet would be a perfect fit.

Read Product Manual Here!

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umakanth patil
Very good

But, how to reshape it back to bracelet after using it ?