Women's Equality Day: Just Another Day or The Beginning?

Women's Equality Day: Just Another Day or The Beginning?

It is the 100th Anniversary of Women's Equality Day!

On August 26th of every year, the U.S.A. celebrates this day which commemorates the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution in 1920, when Women could no longer be denied the right to vote on the basis of their gender.

In India, women had the right to vote since the country's independence but we have the only handful of women representing almost 50% of societal structure, which again are marginalised by the patriarchy.

Also, the efforts to treat them on par with men is negligible. 73 years later, we are still struggling with equal pay, failed to stop gender-based crimes to ensure women safety, non-accessible healthcare to women are some issues which are brushed under carpet now and then often by those whom women have voted for.
All Talk No Action, makes the dream of equality a distant reach even in the 21st century.

But the issue is not limited to the non-effort of our leaders, it is societal too. We always want to be the most cultured society but have but never considered Caregiving respectable work! Why the societal norms are bigger than the life and wishes of a particular gender? How long can we treat a girl's dream unfairly in the name of 'tradition' and 'modesty'? Was the freedom of India meant only for men?  

The change has to come from all walks of life, but the biggest change must start within the family. Give your daughter the chance she truly deserves. Put this "My boy will feed me during my old days" mentality aside and give your girl the love she deserves, the chance to survive and the right to serve you.


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