The Gruesome Reality of Sexual Violence in India

The Gruesome Reality of Sexual Violence in India

It is such an unfortunate fact that sexual violence against women has reached an all-time high in a country where a woman was once worshipped as a goddess. India stands at the top of the disgraceful position of being the global leader in mistreating its own women. The mind-numbing rape incidences in the recent past have put a big question mark against the very moral foundations of the birthplace of the Vedas, Upanishads and The Bhagvat Geeta. What went wrong in the course of just a few years that led to the current rise in sexual assaults against women in India?

Are these statistics not enough to jolt us out of our slumbers? 

As we mentioned in the previous post, a 2018 survey conducted by Thomson Reuters Foundation, India ranked 1st in all forms of violence against women – sexual as well as non-sexual – in the entire world. This report was condemned by many as being based more on perception than facts. However, in many other similar surveys, India hasn’t done much better either.

According to the global ranking of women’s inclusion and well-being by the Georgetown Institute, when it comes to treating women, India stands 131st among 152 countries. It is understandable that the list is topped by European and western countries for the most part as the literacy rate and social awareness is comparatively higher in those parts of the world. However, it is surprising that many African and middle-eastern countries where the literacy rate is low have fared better than India – a country that is hailed as one of the fastest growing economies of the world.

Even the statistics of our very own National Crimes Records Bureau (NCRB) doesn’t provide any different picture of the awful condition of women’s safety in India. In the year 2013, the Bureau reported 309,546 incidents of violence against women. In 2016, these cases increased to 338,954 crimes against women – out of which, 38,947 incidences were rape case.

Sexual violence graph

Are we learning any lessons from this menacing reality?

When even the Supreme Court of the country declares, “What is to be done? Girls and women are getting raped left, right and center.”, not much is left to be said about the gravity of the situation. Whom should these unfortunate women turn for justice? The government is still more or less clueless about the solution, the SC stands confused and helpless and the common people are getting increasingly restless to see an urgent action taken against these sexual assaulters to curtail these incidences and make the lives of women in India safer.

After those horrendous rape cases that shook the nation in the recent past, some measures have been taken to improve the laws against such crimes against women. However, the low conviction rate of these sexual criminals shows that the implementation of these improved laws is slow and ineffective. It is evident that just amending a few laws is not going to help deal with the graveness of the situation. More fundamental changes in the very infrastructure of the laws for women’s protection are the need of the moment in order to help eradicate the problem from its very roots.

The devastating effect of sexual assault on a woman

A sexual attack can be damaging to the woman in more than one way. The physical hurt and pain is only the superficial part of the misery and heals sooner or later. The real destruction happens on the psychological level which can take a long time to heal.

Sex is one of the most intimate and sensitive experiences of a woman’s life. It has a special meaning and value for her. It is an expression or extension of her love towards her partner. She doesn’t go into it just for the sake of physical excitement and pleasure. It goes deeper than that. When a woman willingly goes into physical intimacy, she experiences it in totality – on the level of the body, heart, and spirit.

But when this experience is forced on her – even by her partner – it loses all its meaning for her. And when it takes the ugliest imaginable form of sexual expression called a rape, it can devastate her entire being. Particularly, if the woman is very young, it can leave a permanent scar on her psyche that can haunt her for her entire lifetime.

Then there are social consequences that the woman has to face. It sticks to her like a permanent social stigma. The society can be rather mean and unaccepting towards such a woman even when it is not her fault at all. She must face criticism and ridicule and may face difficulties in her career, job, and marriage. All this can make life difficult for her which can lead her to take the extreme measure of ending her life.

How to deal with sexual violence to make our lives safer

It is high time that we boldly and squarely face these glaring facts and understand the gravity of the issue if we want to find a sustainable solution to this ongoing dilemma. Can we take some steps to move a little closer to our personal safety? Well, actually, there are many ways in which we can contribute to this change. Some of the changes can be brought about on a personal level while some need to happen on a broader, community level.

It is extremely important that girls and women educate themselves about their personal safety. In today’s day and age, it is not so difficult to find good information to read on this subject. Reading books on the topic by renowned social writers is a good way to learn more about the issue. The Internet can be a great source of information as there are websites, articles, and other resources to keep you abreast of the latest knowledge on the subject of personal security for women.

Using personal safety products to stay protected

One of the best ways to make sure that you have actual control over your personal safety is to use personal safety devices. Mark’s personal safety products are designed to equip modern girls and women of all ages and backgrounds with handy tools to effectively tackle those sick-minded sexual predators. These nifty devices can be conveniently stashed in your purse, handbag, shoulder bag or briefcase so that you can quickly pull them out in emergencies to fight back the assaulter or attract the attention of the passer-by to get help.

Girls, it’s time to burst that imaginary bubble of safety once and for all and take charge of our lives. Every journey begins with a single step – it is important that we take that one step in the right direction. Make the decision to stop bowing down to these threatening circumstances. Take your personal safety in your own hands and confidently move towards creating the beautiful life of your dreams.


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