Power v/s Women Violence

Power v/s Women Violence

All our respected politicians are missing the main element while addressing the rape cases.

It often happens that women look up to the people who have the power to amend laws or impact views or take charge of safety laws with hope in our eyes.
The hope that they can do something about women safety.
But is it wise to have such hope?

Why do we usually forget that the Politicians we choose, the policemen we have trust with our safety, the lawyers who fight for us, or the intellectuals at the high seat of bureaucracy, all are coming from the same society that is putting us down?

Women Violence is the pure form of power display.
POWER, by definition: possession of control, authority, or influence over others.

Rape is never about the class caste or religion or age or westernization: it does not matter whether she is Dalit or Pandit, Young or Old, Rural or Urban, Muslim or Hindu, Rich or Poor, Married or Unmarried, Working or Schooling. 

Rape is about the display of power and those who have power, can misuse it or not, it is his purview.
BUT who has given them this power and put them at the position of authority?

Have you ever thought that why is it seen beneath for a boy, to act like a girl? And why is it seen as good for a girl being a tomboy?

The reason is the teachings of our childhood have already made us believe deep-down that men are superior to women. 

Do not tell me you never made fun of that one guy walked by you in the mall/road and talking or acting or walking feminine way???

I did it too when I was young and naïve because that is what society, my teachers, my mates told me. Remember when girls and boys are not supposed to the same seat/table in the school? that a boy should behave as a boy and girl should behave as a girl as if we are divided into caste.

We need to start from the grass-root level. It has to be a bottom-up approach. You can not put pressure from the top to correct the foundation.

Since childhood, parents put it in the mind of young girls and boys about typical choices they make due to the genital they own. They define their roles at home, give them toys to play with and differentiate in education and even in food!

We need to change that.

Think more and talk more about the change! The more you discuss, the more you will follow it. Start at your home, or your building, your small local area, or with your WhatsApp group filled with sexist jokes!

Every small step matters!

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