Need of Self Defense and Safety Products

Whether it is a 23-year old Nirbhaya or an eight-year old Asifa, no girl in India can be claimed to be safe. Attacks on women have become common for reasons ranging from revenge to absolutely no reason at all. The most common forms of attack on females are rape, molestation, kidnapping, murder, acid attacks, assault and more importantly, eve teasing, which every girl in this country has faced sometime or the other, generally in public places.

Most recently, gender violence has increased to a significant number. However, even today, most rapes go largely unreported because the victims fear retaliation through victim blaming or shaming and humiliation. Crime data records published by the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) successfully portray the fact that whether it be a metropolitan city or the rural areas, our country is extremely unsafe for women.  The statistics released show that a total of 338,000 incidents of crime against women were recorded in 2016 against the total of 329,000 crimes against women in 2015.

However, the statistics has brought out a distressing fact for us women, that might nudge all the strategies being made by the Government and the police to stop crime against us.  Therefore, self-measures are to be taken to round up the security for women in general by teaching one-self to fight back since none of these crimes are your fault!

‘Self-defence’ is an indispensable part of women’s life today. To fight back is crucial since we are neither safe in our home or roads. Our attacker(s) can come unnoticed, from the corner of the street we are walking on or somewhere near by the regular grocery store. Assault can be caused by a group of people too or a person who has a weapon of any sort. In such dangerous yet common situations, there is a need to protect one self and fight. 21st century women are independent and hence, our survival depends on our ability to protect our-self and in situations, others too. The tools of self-defence usher us with self-confidence and bravery.

The common tools for self-defence used by women are Pepper Sprays, Security Batons and Sticks, and Knives. These products can easily fit into our hand bags or Laptop or Backpack. Although techniques include karate or judo can be useful but only in the case of up and close encounter and not meant for the long-distance usage and personal safety. Therefore, with these self-defence products, our safety is in our own hands, quite literally, since the products are user-friendly and do not require much expertise. We are responsible for our own empowerment as a human being as well as of other women who are in need. It opens up a door of freedom for us in this flawed world of ours.

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